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Hammertoe Treatment

It’s a problem that gets created over time.

However if treated properly, hammertoes can be managed and the symptoms that occur can be treated in a non-invasive procedure.

For those that are not exactly sure what Hammertoe(s) are, let’s get a better understanding:


Shown here is the comparison of a regular unstressed foot, and another foot that has started to show signs of forming hammertoes.

Hammertoe is a  bending of the connective joints of the of  toes. The abnormal bending can be created by a few different reasons, from being “flat foot” or having little arch and even wearing poor fitting or designed shoes that put pressure on the toes that cause this “hammer like toe design” to form.

Hammer toe usually starts at  the second toe, though severe untreated hammertoes or overall foot neglect may actually affect the other toes supporting your bodyweight and cause  them to move into a claw-like position or the “hammer toe position”..

Now hammertoes can start out as a mild case, but if left untreated, can cause many other foot issues.


A progressive deformity such as hammertoe can cause other issues like corns, calluses, and other foot pain.

As shown hammertoe issues can cause other foot issues such as corns on the top of the toes, as well as calluses on the ball of the foot due to the stress that the toes now endure due to the shift in foot design.

Where Can You Get Treatment for Hammertoe In Prescott Valley?

Here at Prescott Valley Podiatrist Foot Clinic and Care Center we can help easy the issues with hammertoe through non-surgical methods, and minimally invasive methods as well. After seeing the doctor for your diagnosis of hammertoe(s) your options may be:

  • Custom Orthotic Devices Designed Specifically for your Feet
  •  Corticosteroid Injection Therapy to Relieve the Pain  & Stress of Hammertoes
  •  Re-Alignment of the bent toe or toes through Splinting or Strapping the Foot & Ankle to aid in reversal of design
  • Proper Suggestion of footwear to lessen the impact of hammertoe curvature and other associated symptoms


If You Need a Hammertoe Surgery in Prescott Valley

Surgery is always a last alternative. We always try to prevent unnecessary procedures, and pain. If after seeing the foot doctor Dr. Scott Price and determining the best options to treat your hammertoe(s) issues, there will be many options open to you in regards to hammertoe surgery. As a hammertoe surgeon in Prescott Valley, Dr. Price is the best outpatient foot surgeon in Prescott.

Get the right treatment now for your feet, and don’t let hammertoe keep you off your toes. You can make an emergency foot doctor appointment here.

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